Independence Day

Independence Day

On Friday, December 29, 2017, Clean Socks Hope celebrated 10 years as a ministry. When I walked in to our community room at 8th Street that morning, I truly didn’t know if this was it for us, if this was our goodbye. Like he had done so many times before I knew God would get me through it, because he …

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So, today my day began with a woman from one of our ministries calling me to let me know that the reason she wouldn’t let anyone know about the work being done here at 8th Street was that I treated everyone as if they are beneath me. She let me know that she wasn’t the only one that felt that …

Ladder No. 3

Aftermath | Lessons Learned

On September 11, 2001, I was working at my job in Louisville, Kentucky.  A friend and coworker walked into my cubicle and said, “Turn on CNN, they just flew a plane into the World Trade Center.” I remember thinking in my head to her comment, “What? This has to be a mistake?” “Like a little plane?” I asked. I can …