8th Street Prayer Chapel—our prayer chapel is now open will be available every Wednesday morning from 7:45AM – 9:45AM for people to have their own personal devotional time with the Lord. Soon, we hope to have live worship and it is simply a time to soak in God’s presence. Join us for 5 minutes on your way to work, or stay for several hours. Anyone is welcome to attend (children: ages 12 and older, please). It’s church, at a go-at-your-own pace terms.

8th Street Café’—we are negotiating with Starbucks Coffee to have a Starbucks Kiosk on site. We are looking for volunteers to help cover the 11AM – 2PM shifts, Monday through Friday each week. Our prayer is that our clientele from Midtown Commons begin to return to us as a place of safety, hope, and church without boundaries.

8th StreetCommunity Room Rentals—as an added way for the Charity to reach the unchurched and become self-sustaining, we have begun to rent out our community room for events. We have already hosted a national training event, a voter registration gala, and a fundraiser for one of our sister nonprofits. We will continue to word-of-mouth advertise and grow this untapped opportunity.

And much more coming in 2018

Our Mission is to partner with under-served neighborhoods like Midtown to provide innovative and wholistic development that leads to restoration in all areas of life.

Our Vision is to simply share the Gospel of Christ to everyone we meet. We have come to realize that a part of this new ride at 8th Street is to disciple dozens of Gospel driven, God led cottage industries and somehow show them with one goal in mind, his kingdom.

And to model the gospel of Jesus Christ each day in our lives, as we love the church that sent us, the believers that don’t understand us, the lost and poor that Jesus shared with us, and toss away the next hip thing for the gospel that changed us.

There’s no fancy programming, methodology or seven habits of highly successful preachers, it’s just a bunch of broken and desperate people sharing the love of Christ the way he said to show it.


Our Mission Statement is that, “Clean Socks Hope partners with under-served neighborhoods to provide innovative and wholistic development that leads to restoration in all areas of life.”

Join us at 8th Street, you will never be the same.