Steve the Cat

Steve the Cat | A Devotional

I had the honor of sharing the devotional last week at a Board Meeting. It was not my turn, but God laid on my heart the burdens we see each week at our 8th Street Mission. Because of this, I am reminded of Steve the Cat and his horrific journey to us and to his glorious and miraculous recovery. I …

we're different

Gospel Lived Out | What’s the Church Not Getting?

Mike D and I were having a conversation a few days ago about our 8th Street Mission and how God keeps validating the work we’re called to. The discussion led to Francis Chan and Alan Hirsch and if they stopped in one day what would be the first question out of their mouths about 8th Street? “Jeff, what programs do …

Jeff and Michelle
Jeff and Michelle

Somewhere out in the Darkness on the Edge of Town

It’s been nearly 40 years since my 19th birthday. Over the last few weeks as my beautiful wife began to share her story and her part in what has become our story, I thought a lot about that kid and all the hope and dreams he had back in the late seventies. I reflect now how much of that journey …