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Jeff and Michelle
Somewhere out in the Darkness on the Edge of Town

It’s been nearly 40 years since my 19th birthday. Over the last few weeks as my beautiful wife began to share her story and her part in what has become our story, I thought a lot about that kid and all the hope and dreams he had back in the late seventies. I reflect now how much of that journey was in many ways a Springsteen song, some literally and some in its essence of wanting and sorrow. His wordless introductions to songs like “Backstreets,” says more about heartbreak and longing than other artists do with their words.

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I Have Always Been the Fat Kid

I have always been the fat kid. The one that everyone makes fun of, the one that’s the butt of all the jokes. I am the guy when people see coming that they are embarrassed by. I have suffered through that humiliation for probably 50 of my 57 years here on this earth. I remember that somewhere around the 7th grade laying my head down on my desk as a half dozen tormentors beat me. They were careful to punch and kick only where my clothes were, so not to get into trouble. This was their “Initiation.”  Initiation to what, I’m not sure. I remember the bruises. And, I remember crying.

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