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“We enter into the suffering of others because of love we have first received for ourselves. We do it from love’s overflow, not from obligation.” ~Sarita Hartz


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Clean Socks Hope, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible if allowed by law © 2016

Families being Served with Dignity

Thanks to an accepting community, we have been able to serve over 1,830 families to date, provide 8,442 healthy meals via Dare to Care, had 6,858 conversations over coffee and over 1,100 showers providing dignity in a neighborhood in need of help and Jesus the most.

Solutions for Complex Problems

The Midtown community of New Albany, Indiana has no local grocery or department store and its lack of transportation issues causes our neighbors to walk or ride their bike past acres of alcohol, lottery tickets, and processed food options. This is an open invitation to crime, drugs and sex trafficking.

When Our Helping Hurts

We believe that God created all people, including the poor with the ability to help themselves and others. That means that we do not fall into the routine perpetual feeding and clothing programs of those around us, but equip those we serve with the skills that will create self-worth and self-sufficiency that can change the lives of men, women, and children for generations to come.

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Social Issues

Addressing poverty is extremely complex because there are so many interrelated issues. There are sixteen areas of life that must be considered when helping people living in poverty. They are the spiritual needs of an individual, addiction, crime, employment, education, financial, healthcare, housing, identification, immigration, legal issues, possessions, recreation, relationships, security, and transportation. Each individual must be assessed to determine what assistance they need in the crucial areas of life.

Abby at Bearno's

Abby making her point at our Bearno’s Fundraiser

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We are the only southern Indiana nonprofit offering the EMPWR Coat. Be a $100 sponsor to purchase the EMPWR Coat. The coat converts into a sleeping bag for the street homeless in our community. Please Donate today.

It’s Time to go to Work!

Inner cities suffer from substandard education, a severe lack of viable job opportunities and an almost total absence of upwardly mobile neighbors. Exploitive businesses and a relentless, deadly undertow of criminal influences plague poor communities everywhere.

Never in the history of the world is more money being spent on less good than today.

The Face of Poverty

So what does the face of poverty look like? It doesn’t.

For most people, the face of poverty is that stereotypical photo of a panhandler on the side of the road or a pitiful looking man in dirty and tattered clothes looking just gross enough to make your traditional church-goer or civic-minded millennial uncomfortable enough to donate.

But in reality, the face of marginalized that can lead to homelessness is hard working families who have had a catastrophic event in their lives or caught in a cycle of poverty via slumlords, food deserts, high crime and unemployment.

With heroin in America at epidemic proportions, we are seeing it in EVERY neighborhood.